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How to choose exterior colors for your house painting project?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

What to consider?

The existing exterior architectural elements of your house plays the biggest role on your color selections.

Your roof color, your exterior door, your window cases and your stone or brick walls would dramatically downsize your color theme options.


You can use internet for visualizing any ideas that you have. If you feel like you are leaning towards dark gray tones, start googling "dark gray home exteriors". The only 2 things that you should consider as you are going through many images,

1) Make sure that the architecture style of the houses that you like is similar to yours. If the color that you like on a house has a completely different architecture style than yours, you would be disappointed with the results when you see the same color on your house. Even the exact same color might have a totally different effect on a totally different house style.

2) The roofing... When you are google imaging houses, make sure that the house colors that you like have a similar roofing color with yours. One of the reasons why we love some home exterior colors is the perfect harmony of colors. The roofing, door, shutters, stones/bricks and even the landscape. Every single element is a detail and success is in the details.

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