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Benefits of Working with a Professional Color Consultant

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Choosing Colors for your house painting project can get overwhelming and time consuming. Especially when we have thousands of color options out there. And house painting project is not an inexpensive project like all other renovation projects that may require long term decisions; What colors to choose? or How to combine these colors? What to consider when choosing colors?

If you are dealing with a renovation project you need to combine multiple materials and colors together. Even for a small project like powder room renovation you need to choose;



Wall Paint Color or Wallpaper

Mirror and Light Fixture

How on earth can we make all these important and expensive decisions in a stress-free and mistake-free way? Sometimes we just need an expert with a low cost who could help us with all these decisions and save us so much time, so much money and headaches.

Color Consultation for Kitchen Remodel; Back-splash & Counter-top & Hardware & Faucet Combination Ideas

Well the good news is; Whether you have a simple painting project coming or you are embarking on a small or large renovation project you can have a color consultation for;

Interior / Exterior Painting Color Selections

Flooring Selections

Back-splash / Counter-top Selections

Tile Selections

Window Treatment Selections

Accessories and Decor Style Selections for your home, for your taste and life style.

A Color Consultant will walk you through the whole process and would turn this overwhelming errand to a pleasant experience. They will observe your taste and lifestyle, listen to your expectation and study your space with the existing architectural and decoration elements. Rather than focusing on choosing, it is more of a process of eliminating. With eliminating the color palates that won`t fit to your space and your taste, your color options will be downsizes dramatically. After that it is a piece of cake!

A consultant will also need to have an in-depth knowledge of modern paint colors and decorative finishes, the current trends and accessories, as well as flooring, furnishings and drapery. This means they can give you great decorating ideas for any place and teach you how to “dress” your home inside and out.



Many Color Consultants charge hourly. Typically 1 hour fee of a Color Consultant should cost from $100 to $150. And whether it is an interior or exterior painting project within 1 hour you can easily pick the new color of your walls.

If you consider the cost of any painting project, hiring a color consultant is a secured way of loving the new look of your house after any kind of project.

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